"Life is Nature's way of keeping meat fresh until it's eaten" - Ray Rogers,1989

Welcome to Ray Rogers Handcrafted Knives! This website will introduce you to my custom knives and show you the techniques and processes used to make them.

I specialize in liner lock folders and professional chef's knives but I also make a few sporting knives. My knives are made one at a time, I do not mass produce.


As of April 15, 2010 I am no longer accepting orders for new knives. I plan to fill the orders I have over the next year.

My sincerest thanks and most grateful appreciation to my many wonderful customers and loyal friends (often the same people) who have supported my knife making efforts over the last 10 years.


If you are trying to get started making your own knives, this website will provide all the information you will need. Feel free to contact me with your knifemaking questions but, please, read my Links page carefully first. Almost every question a beginner has is answered by a catalog or website listed there. Also, I have added a Videos for Knifemakers section that you will find useful.

This page has been arranged in sections so that you can get where you want to go as quickly as possible. Those sections are:

What kind of Knives I Make

How I Make a Knife

The Materials I Use

General Knife Repairs

Pictures of My Knives

Tour My Shop, My Life, and Meet the Bears

How to Contact Me

Videos for Knifemakers

Links To Help You Get Started

A Liner Lock Design Tutorial

Build Your Own Hardness Tester!

Building Forges and Related Equipment

Outstanding Blades Magazine

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