Ray Rogers Handcrafted Knives

The Assembly Table

This is my assembly table. No matter what kind of knife I'm making it always consists of several parts. This is where the parts get filed, pressed, hammered, squeezed, glued, and bent into their final shapes and eventually assembled into a knife. Notice the drawers for small parts and the numerous files and small hand tools mounted to the table.

At the far side of the table you'll notice a spray bottle. This is my bear repellant. All that's in the bottle is Clorox (R) but the bears hate the strong smell. I have 3 of these bottles strategically placed around my shop so that I can deal with uninvited guests. Note to others who want to use this method to keep bears out of their shops: Don't spray it on the bear or in his face - that's just cruel. Spray it on the ground in front of him and he'll leave faster than my last blind date!

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