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Bears One Year Later, Summer of 2002

Even though black bears aren't true hibernators you aren't likely to see one during the winter. So, I was anxious to see what might show up this summer and figured I'd have to wait a while to see one. But, I saw a black one the first week of June (no picture) and this brown one in the third and fourth week of June, which is when I'm writing this. The first time I saw this one was when I stepped out my door to see why the squirrels were making so much noise and literally bumped into this bear as he tried to figure out how to open my garbage can! Surprised the heck out of both of us.

Of course, I didn't get a picture right then but he came back a few days later to get some food I put out for him (picture of the bear at a distance). Then, about a week later I heard a squirrel give a warning squeek while I sat here at the computer. Looking out my open door I saw the bear walking past my wood pile and grabbed the camera. I'm not sure if it is the cinnamon cub from last year or not, the color is darker and this bear is a whole lot bigger.

Finally! An answer to that age old question, "Do bears poop in the woods?". Apparently, they prefer driveways, road ways, and other open spaces judging from what I've seen around here. The bear shown above has been coming around regularly every two or three days to see what I put out for him.

And this is the gratitude I get...

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