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Meet the Bears

This area is remote enough that few people live here and so wildlife is abundant. I haven't had time to try to get pictures of all the animals I've seen but I see something almost every day. I surprise deer, both Muley and Whitetail outside my door. There was a cougar dropped by my shop to visit one day. One afternoon, I had 3 squirrels sitting on my thigh at the same time eating peanuts . There are birds of tremendous variety, including eagles, hawks, owls, jays, nuthatches, heron, wild turkey, grouse, pheasant, quail, woodpeckers, ravens, and shrikes. There are bobcats, huge coyotes, rabbits, squirrels, chipmonks, racoon, and bears. Of them all, the bears are my favorite.

Here are a couple of black bear cubs standing at the rear of my shop. You can see momma bear just up the hillside behind them. This was our first meeting. It was like a first date and things felt awkward but ended cordially.

Later, the larger cinnamon cub came back to get a closer look. Like all couples we had our arguments. She wanted to eat my garbage and I preferred to eat before it was garbage. She would come by at all hours of the day and night to see if I was with another bear. Sometimes she'd even bring her mom.

Eventually things stabilized and I had the whole family over for lunch. I had already eaten so they helped themselves to the buffet.

As with all couples, things finally fell into a routine. I learned to put my garbage out of reach and I put my food scraps on a board about 100 yards from the house. They have learned that if they go there they might get food. If they come to the shop, they get Clorox(R). Well, Clorox(R) is cheaper that a restraining order and she was getting so possessive.....

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