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Faux Bowie

Now, that's a knife! Well, anyway, it sort of looks like one. This is a wall hanger I made from mild steel, a couple of chunks of brass, and some caribou antler. The blade is 11" long and 3/8ths thick. This massive knife weighs 2.25 pounds. It's very impressive but it won't cut anything. Hang it on the wall but don't let it fall on your foot....

Traditional Bowie

This knife is the real thing. The 10" blade is O1 tool steel and 3/8" thick. The guard is wrought iron followed by a turquoise spacer and an African Sapele handle. The knife weighs 1.25 pounds and handles quite well ...

Custom Bowie

Another 10" bowie, this one with a damascus blade and an oosic handle with buffalo horn spacer...

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