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Knife Making for Noobs - Basic Forge Building
This is my own video for basic forge building. This video runs 95 minutes and will show you how to build a real forge body (not just a couple of bricks) and how to build both venturi and forced air burners. You will see how to build a real forge in less than two hours using hardware store parts or how to scrounge and make your own parts including a homemade blower and a gate valve! Simple and cheap is the theme and I demonstrate that all these things actually work by running the forge and burners that I built. This is a DVD with menus and will play on your PC or on your TV. If you would like a copy Paypal $14 to knives@rayrogers.com If you don't have a Paypal account just send an email to that same address and we'll go from there ...

Knife Making for Noobs DVDs

Between these two videos you will see how to hollow grind and flat grind, and finsh the blades. All three of the major tang styles are covered - stick, stub, and full tang. Both leather sheaths and Kydex sheaths are demonstrated.

Knife Making for Noobs - Vol. 1 Hollow Grinding

My goal with this video series was to make watching them as close to a shop visit as possible. This video covers two DVDs and runs for seven hours! Of course, actually making the knife took much longer than that and the video is carefully edited so that you don't have to wade through much repetition. Hollow grinding is the major portion of this video but several other important subjects are also covered:
For the raw beginner there is a small section on hand tools, drills, vices,etc
I also quickly step through the building of a simple full tang kit knife
Then, we make a Kydex sheath for the kit knife

Hollow grinding is covered in great detail
A guard is milled for the blade.
This is a through tang knife so we look at drilling a hole through a 5" block
Instruction is given for the use of JB Weld and for AcraGlas
We drill and tap the pommel
The handle is shaped using the contact wheel, the platen, and the small wheel
We learn how to protect the spine of the blade while shaping the guard
The safe use of the buffer is covered, as are compounds and buffing wheels
After the knife is finished there is a detailed tutorial on making a welted leather sheath for it
A method for creating the initial edge on a new blade is demonstrated
The knife is sharpened and the logo is etched

The Hollow Grinding DVD is $17. I know, a ridiculously low price for something that took nearly two years to make but I'm not doing this for the money. If you would like a copy Paypal $17 to knives@rayrogers.com If you don't have a Paypal account just send an email to that same address and we'll go from there ...

Knife Making for Noobs - Vol. 2 Shop Built Chef's Knife

Although I call this the Shop Built Chef's Knife the basic steps apply to any type of knife and even a raw beginner should be able to get some useful information out of it. The same techniques apply to any flat ground blade.

The video runs about four hours. I build a chef's knife from start to finish using all the tools in my shop while you basically stand next to me and watch. I tried to leave nothing out, the only time I cut anything was when I would be doing the same thing for many minutes I trimmed out some minutes.

This is a full function DVD complete with an extensive menu system that allows you to return to any step you want to look at at any time. The DVD will play on a computer or on your TV with an attached DVD player. These are the steps that are covered:
Drawing the profile on a piece of steel
Cutting out the profile on a bandsaw and refining the profile on the grinder
Flat grinding the blade (lots of detail) with attention to the proper way to start the grind
Detail on how to avoid plunge cuts
Refining the blade finish with finer belts
Final finishing by hand
How to protect the blade finish as you work on the guard and handle
Milling the guard slot
Fitting the guard
Attaching the guard with JB Weld
How to mark the handle block for drilling the tang slot
Drilling the holes for the tang in the handle block
Creating the slot in the handle for the tang
Finding the position for the handle pin (this is a stub tang handle)
Drilling the handle pin hole in the handle and in the tang
The proper way to fit the pin so that the handle is held securely
Rough cutting the handle to basic shape
How to mix AcraGlas (tricks and techniques)
Gluing the handle (and spacers)
Shaping the handle on the grinder (a Coke bottle shape with a bird's head)
Refining the handle shape (lots of detail here)
Finishing the handle
Marking the logo on the blade

Even if you don't have a shop full of equipment (yet) you should be able to get a lot of useful info out of this. If you would like a copy just Paypal $17 to knives@rayrogers.com (I ship on Monday and Friday). If you don't have a Paypal account email me at the same address and we'll work something out...

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