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You can see the handle contour and the red liners in the above pictures

Outside the belt carry (view from inside side of belt)

Horizontal carry across the back

Inside the waist band carry. Pivots for angled carry which is why it's laying down in the picture

Carcalito in its neck sheath

Carcara Dagger and Carcalito Neck Knife

The Carcara Dagger is about the only fighter I make at this time. Carcara is the name of a South American eagle that has a reputation for coming out on top of any fight it gets in to.

The Carcara has an overall length of 10 1/2 inches. The 5 1/2 inch BG-42 blade is hollow ground to within about an inch of the tip and from there it is flat ground which gives a bit more strength to the most delicate part of the blade without reducing it's ability to pierce a target. The knife is light, weighing about 4.8 ounces.

The canvas Micarta(R) handle has an oval cross section so the blade can be indexed by feel. Holes in the handle work with the handle's contour to provide a very secure grip. The conical shaped pommel is very helpful when withdrawing the knife from a target and can also serve as a non-lethal striking tool. Red fiber liners complement the flat gray of the sandblasted blade and handle.

A number of carry options are provided which utilize the Tek-Lok(R) mounting system.

The Carcalito Neck Knife is also shown. It's overall length is 8" with about a 3 1/2" blade. The finish and materials are the same as for the Carcara but it comes with a neck sheath only.

G-10 Carcara

Same size and shape as the Carcara, and even has the same balance, but entirely made of G-10 fiberglass. Weighs 3 ozs and comes with an IWB sheath.

Carcara Dagger

Another Carcara but this time with a 5" BG-42 blade and a black/turquoise Micarta(R) handle.

Carcara Dagger

This 5" Carcara blade is sandblasted S30V. The handle is Fibermascus and the sheath is Concealex .....

Carcara Dagger

Another S30V 5" blade but this one is satin finish with a Black/Orange Micarta(R) handle. This handle material is slightly heavier than other Micartas ...

Carcara Dagger

Here's a first: 6" blade and blue G-10 handle. This one is made from 3/16" stock so it's noticeably heavier. It has a two-toned finish which I am not anxious to try to duplicate ...

Carcara Dagger

Sandblasted blade and Tan G-10 scales ...

Custom Dagger

A custom dagger with a 4.5" blade of S35VN and a shortened handle. A hybrid leather and kydex pancake sheath finish off this odd duck ...

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