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French Chef's Knife Style 6123

Even a utilitarian knife can dress up a little. The handle on this chef's knife is good ol' durable Dymondwood(R) but it's enhanced with two thin slices of lavender charoite behind an aluminum ferrule. The 8 inch ATS-34 blade Rockwells at an agressive 60.

German Chef's Knife Style 6123

A little bit fancier knife with stabilized Black Ash burl handle. The 2 1/4" 440C extra wide blade Rockwell's at 59 and has a satin finish. The blade is 10" long and 3/32nds thin and has a rounded back.

German Chef's Knife Style 6124

A lot fancier knife this time with stabilized Madrone burl handle and an ivory spacer. This 8" blade is a sort of composite bar damascus construction. It looks like San Mai but it is much more complicated than that. The upper part of the blade is damascus made from 1095 and 15n20 in a simple pattern. The lower part is made up of layers of 52100 and the two bars were forge welded together and worked down into this blade. The ferrule was made from an old piece of wrought iron from a wagon wheel....

German Chef's Knife Style 6124

This one has a 3/32nd thick, 10 inch long stainless blade. Handle material is stabilized Amazon Bloodwood.

I made this knife for a friend of mine who actually is a chef. She's used all the high end commercial knives and was generally satisfied with them but, after years of experience she had a very specific idea of what she wanted.

She wanted a 10 inch blade attached to a large handle. The knife had to hold an edge really well and it had to weigh 8.5 ounces. After all, what's the point of having something custom made if you can't have it the way you want it?

She seems very happy with the finished result and reports that it has been used to cut 400 pounds of chicken per day with occasional edge touch up.

An 8" stainless blade, turquoise spacer and a Box Elder handle...

Another full tang German Chef's knife, this time with an enormous 12" tool steel blade!

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