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Chinese Cleavers Style 7224

This top picture is called the Short Cleaver because the blade is only about 3 inches high while a full sized Chinese cleaver (lower picture) is about 4 inches high. Both blades are 8 1/2 inches of satin finished ATS-34 , 3/32" thin.

The handle on this type of cleaver is usually round so I normally would use a thick slab of material so that it could be sanded into a cylindrical configuration. For the Short Cleaver I had a beautiful piece of stabilized Presentation Grade Desert Ironwood but the slabs weren't nearly thick enough. The problem was solved by laminating some black micarta with a red and a white fiber spacer to the ironwood. The result is a unique and very attractive handle that feels good in the hand.

The full sized cleaver has a handle of stabilized redwood burl with very nice figure.

Both cleavers are razor sharp and shouldn't be thought of as only chopping tools. They are also very thin and that means they can be used to slice in much the same way as a chef's knife is used. The taller blade allows for easier vegetable chopping and the additional weight (over a chef's knife) makes it very authoritative when slicing a roast of beef or a Thanksgiving turkey.

I am told that many oriental cooks consider a cleaver the only large knife they need.

Chinese Cleaver Style 7133

Another example of the Chinese Cleaver, this time with an O1 tool steel blade that has been differentially tempered for a hard edge and a soft back. The handle was built on a stub tang and features a turquoise spacer in front of one piece of solid burl wood.

Chinese Cleaver Style 7124

Another example of the Chinese Cleaver, this time with a full tang handle and a California Buckeye handle. The handle was made a little smaller than usual to accomodate the customer's small hands.

Chinese Cleaver Style 7133

This cleaver has a 3.75 x 8" blade of 440C stainless and weighs 16 ozs. The ferrule is laminated nickel silver and copper. An ironwood spacer in front of a hardwood burl handle completes the package.

Short Cleaver Style 7123

This cleaver has a 3" x 8" blade of my own carbon steel damascus. It is very light weight at 12 ozs. The handle is Ironwood with an Orange Coral spacer.

Chinese Cleaver Style 7128

This cleaver has a 4" x 8" blade of 440C stainless and weighs 15 ozs. The ferrule is stainless steel. A Maple Burl handle in the traditional 3-Finger style sets this one apart from the rest.

Heavy Cleaver Style 7163

This cleaver has a 3.5" x 9" blade of differentially heat treated O1 Tool Steel and weighs 25 ozs. The handle is a real, and previously fired, 20mm cannon shell casing. This cleaver is quite a bit heavier than my usual cleavers made for slicing and dicing, this one is a heavy chopper not to mention a real conversation starter....

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