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The Dust Collector and Wood Saw

The dust collector is very important if you want to stay healthy. Several kinds of wood make barbed saw dust that will stay in your lungs. Carbon fiber and G-10 handles, so popular on modern tactical knives, make dust that makes cigarettes look like a smart life style choice. This 2 hp unit is connected to my primary belt sander through a 4" hose that passes through the steel wall into the shop.

The garbage can looking thing is a separator. Basically, it really is a garbage can which is attached to the dust collector. It's purpose is to separate out anything larger than saw dust that gets pulled into the dust collector. This keeps wood chips and small tools and parts that I drop from going through the impellors and on into the dust bags. This serves two purposes. First, it keeps things that would damage the bags from ever getting to the bags. Second, it makes it much easier to retrieve anything I didn't mean to drop into the vacuum.

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