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Salmon Fillet Style 3124

"Now that's a knife!" as Mr. Dundee once asserted. The fishermen in my neighborhood got tired of breaking their flimsy commercial fillet knives on the huge fish that jump into their boats so I came up with this beast. The overall length is nearly 18 inches. The stainless blade is 11 inches of sinewy flexibility topped by a goo resistant neoprene handle and a spoon. The spoon allows the lucky housewife who cleans the fish to scrape out that bloody organ that runs along the interior of the spine.

Sorry, the knife doesn't float but it does have a kydex cover.

Salmon Fillet Style 2134

A customized Salmon Fillet. This one has a 10" non-flexible stainless blade and stabilized Box Elder scales with red liners. The finger grooves were a customer request.

Bass Fillet Style 3124

If you don't need a sword to fillet the fish you usually catch you might find the Bass Fillet suits your needs. Again, it's ATS-34 but this time with a 6" blade. The spoon on the neoprene handle is replaced with a scraper and a lanyard hole has been added.

Bass Fillet Style 3114 - Presentation Grade

This is actually a cross between the Salmon and the Bass fillet knives because it has the scraper that I use on the Bass knife but at 9 inches the 440C blade is more like the Salmon knife. At only 1/16th inch thick this makes for a very flexible blade.

The handle is desert ironwood with extra nice color and pattern. The handle rests on red fiber spacers and is pinned with my handmade Sunflower pins. A kydex sheath was provided with this knife.

Custom Fillet Style 3123 - Presentation Grade

This is a custom fillet knife based on the Salmon fillet blade. The 11" blade is 440C and semi flexible. The back of the thin blade has about 9 inches of very small vine file work. I was surprised to find out I could do it that small.

The handle is made of a large piece of stag by the customer's request (both the stag and the fact that it is large). The end of the handle is capped with buffalo horn.

Bass Fillet Style 3114 - Dress Grade

The basic 6" Bass Fillet with a dressier handle....

Salmon Fillet Style 3124

This time we have a Micarta(R) handle with finger grooves and red liners.....

Custom Fillet Style 3123

A 9" stainless blade with a Bird's Eye Maple handle and a turquoise spacer ...

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