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Casting the Nozzle

This is the basic nozzle. It is simply a 1" piece of iron pipe. Never use galvanized pipe anywhere in a forge where it will be subjected to the high temperatures! The zinc in the galvanizing will create poisonous gasses if the galvanizing gets burnt.

The end of this nozzle is fitted to accept my plastic hoses. Yours should be threaded and attached to iron pipe rather than the plastic hose.

To cast the end of the nozzle I used the plastic container that paper cup cake cups come in. A hole was made in the bottom of the plastic container so that it was a close fit over the pipe. A piece of modeling clay around the pipe provided support so that the plastic cup wouldn't slip down the pipe. The clay was positioned so that the end of the steel pipe was about half way into the container. A piece of thin cardboard from a paper towel core was rolled into a cone shape and stuck into the end of the pipe. Then, the castable was carefully poured into the container. The pipe was clamped in a vise and allowed to stand for two days.

The finished nozzle....

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