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Occasionally I make a piece of damascus that doesn't come out with the pattern I was trying for. Sometimes, it's more than just occasionally (grrrrr!). These pieces offered here are made from premium steels, mostly 1085, 1065, 15N20 and some might have pure nickle sheet in them. They are guaranteed fully annealed, clean and solid - no inclusions, cold shuts, or other bad crap that would prevent you from making a perfectly good blade from them. This is your chance to experiment with using damascus without breaking the bank.

There may also be pieces of wood, horn, or synthetic handle materials listed. These are pieces that I've had for a while and figure I will never use. Nothing wrong with them, they just don't meet my needs right now. The wood that can be stabilized usually is and it will always be professionally done by K&G or WSSI - no home brew stabilizing.

If you see something you like just email me with the item number and we'll go from there. Whenever possible, I will ship by USPS Flat Rate .

Small Elephant Tusk

As far as I can trace this through the various jewelry stores that have owned it, this thing is probably 100 years old. I have no paperwork on it so I will only ship it within the continental USA. It is very solid ivory. The solid portion is large enough for one very large handle, the hollow section could make quite a lot of folder sized scales.

Price: $XXXX

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