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These are odds and ends, typical garage sale stuff....

Chinese Juicy Fruit Bottle

Yes, I said BOTTLE. This cute little bottle is about the size of a large aspirin bottle, still has the familiar Juicy fruit smell to it (it's empty now) and is covered in Chinese. Wasn't intended for sale in the US of A but you can add this unusual piece of kitsch to your knick knack shelf soooo cheap..

Garage Sale Price: $Make Offer

Salsa Boot

Something to dress up the party for all us (former) Texicans or anyone else who appreciates good salsa. A ceramic salsa serving dish complete with matching spoon...


Garage Sale Price: $5

Roll of Heavy Galvanized Wire

This is a new 10 pound roll of heavy 9 gauge galvanized wire...

Garage Sale Price: $Make offer

Decorative Miniature Apple Crate

These are brand new but who knows how long they were in storage. Pretty cute though, I have 3 of them...

Garage Sale Price: $Make offer

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