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Many of the questions I receive from knife making neophytes are requests for sources of materials, supplies, tools, or information. The following list covers the sources I use regularly. In most cases I have also listed the type of product I usually purchase from the supplier. The magazines at the end of the list are how I found most of this info in the first place, so subscribe!

Knife Making Supplies
Learn about knifemaking blanks, stock removal, damascus steel, knife blanks, heat treatment, grinders, knife making kits and instructions for knifemaking.

Texas Knifemaker's Supply
All the supplies you'll ever need...

Jantz Supply
Especially good for total beginners. Huge variety of premade blades and folder kits, handle materials - everything you need to get started...
Bonus: Their catalog contains good info on polishing!

Halpern Titanium
Nearly all of my titanium comes from Les Halpern. He also has folder pivots and pocket clip blanks. Small orders are OK, very good prices...

Tru Grit
Big variety of 2x72 sanding belts that most knifemakers use...

Reactive Metals Studio
If you are too lazy to make your own titanium anodizing equipment you can buy it here like I did. They also carry "TSP Not!", a non-phosphate environmentally safe electrolyte...

Harbor Freight Tools
A good source for inexpensive hand tools like dial calipers, micrometers and shop supplies. Good choice on budget priced power tools...

Grizzly Industrial
The best source I've found for power tools (I got my first inexpensive 2x72 knifemakers grinder here). Better manuals and excellent customer support...

Sheffield Knifemaker's Supply
This top notch supply house has the hard to find items (like carbon fiber) and a broad selection of blade steels and other metals...
Buffing compounds, exotic handle materials, screws, kydex, parts to build your own grinder, everything!
Call for catalog: 386-775-6453 8 - 5 EST

Marking Methods, Inc.
This is where I had the templates made for my maker's mark. The templates can be used with an Etch-O-Matic (and others) marking unit available from Sheffield Knifemaker's Supply (above)...
Phone: 818-282-8823
Fax: 818-576-7564

Blue Lightning Stencil
Ernie Grospitch can make a stencil for you in small quantities very economically...

K & G Finishing Supplies
Lots of handle materials, supplies, and many knife kits. Very nice people too.
Bonus: the back of their catalog has good knifemaking hints!
Call for catalog: 1-800-972-1192

Culpepper and Company
Exotic handle materials

Rundle Woodworks
Exotic Wood

Centaur Forge
Everything for the blacksmith - anvils, forges, hammers and tongs...
Call for catalog: 262-763-9175

Paul Bos Heat Treating Services
Professional heat treating of your stainless blades...
Paul Bos Heat Treating
660 S. Lochsa Street, Post Falls, ID 83854
(208) 262-0500, x 211


Blade Magazine
"World's #1 Knife Magazine". Covers all kinds of knives and swords. The whole industry advertises here...
Subscriptions: 717-445-3775 x257

Knives Illustrated
"The Premier Cutlery Magazine". Strongly oriented towards the custom knifemaker. Shop tours and equipment evaluations...
Subscriptions: 800-999-9718 inside the USA
714-693-1866 outside the USA

Tactical Knives
"The Cutting Edge of Survival". Info on the practical applications for knives, which designs work best and why...
Subscriptions: 888-856-4837

Other Interesting Knife Related Sites

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Reliable Knife
Knife reviews and information on selecting and using knives...

American Knife and Tool Institute
This is a very important grassroots organization that monitors legislation that would create restrictive knife laws. It is made up of industry leaders, knife makers, and people like yourself who use and enjoy knives every day. But, they are a young outfit and they need your help to protect your rights. Please help by joining the AKTI today!

Johnny Stout Knives
Fine folders and fixed blades, good pictures, and many links to other sites...

Anso Knives
Jens makes some very interesting knives and does above average sheath work. Check him out!

The Blade Gallery
A well done site that looks like it will get better and better...

Brothersmith Knives
Reviews and guides to the best knives for all purposes and budgets...

Gallagher Custom Knives
Some incredible high art knives...

Ed Caffrey's Custom Knives
The Montana Bladesmith and his fantastic damascus...

Kirk Rexroat, Bladesmith
A fine ABS Master Smith....

Carl's Smithy
For the railroad spike knife enthusiast....

William Courtney Custom Knives
Forged Bowies, Hunter, Tomahawks, very nice work...

Camacho Knives
Handmade Brazilian knives both traditional and modern...

Wholesalers Direct
Knives, swords and all kinds of electronic and other neat stuff...

Gift for Him - Welcome to eknives.com. Get a quality knife, sword, multi tool or personal security product at below retail prices! FREE SHIPPING!

TheBladeShop.com - The best prices and service on top brand knives such as: Benchmade, Buck, and Kershaw.

The Knife Auction - The place to buy and sell knives and related items. Basic listings are free!

Knives Town - Hunting Knives - Pocket Knives - Tactical Knives

J.W. Smith and Sons - Custom knives, Bowie knives, Damascus knives, automatic knife, automatic knives, custom knife Handmade, collectable J W Smith & Sons custom knives

Collectible knives at 2-Clicks - Collectible Knives directory at 2-clicks, with large and complete collectible knives online resources for collectors

Japanese Samurai Swords - Swordandaxe.com offers a wide selection of authentic Samurai swords at great prices.

Retail cutlery and cutlery accessories since 1987

Benchmade 9500
Shades of Gray is a tactical gear and accessories online store that focuses on the selling of knives.

Click Here For Cutlers Cove Vintage Knives

Knives Information
Fact Expert has done the research on knives and is here to provide you with the information that can get you the best deal...

Sporting Knives For the Sports Knives Enthusiast and Beyond
Largest selection of Sports Knives by top Manufacturers, priced well below MSRP....

Knife Informer
In depth reviews of budget to high-end folding knives as well as education for up and coming knife enthusiasts.

Non-Knife Related Link Exchange Sites

Cutting Technologies
Safe, Controlled Demolition of Concrete, Asphalt, Masonry, Metal and Stone...

Tiger Strike: Martial Arts Karate Equipment
Martial arts and karate supplies, equipment, weapons and uniforms...

The Wok Shop
Hard to find Chinese cooking implements...

Online retailer of anti-theft, fireproof, steel and waterproof safes & lockboxes. Secure ordering. Direct delivery.

Buy Indian Handicrafts Items - Welcome to Shop Namaste which has a variety of affordable & wholesale Indian handicrafts, wedding jewelry & home decor collection. Our products are handmade by artisans and craftsmen from all over India

Titanium Find the right titanium product to fit your needs from Titanium Metal Supply

Gear We Are Reviews of all types of sporting gear

Straight Arrow Reviews of all types of outdoor gear

Outside Pursuits Reviews of all types of outdoor gear

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