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Neck Knife - Style 1434

Sometimes there just isn't any other way to carry a knife and keep it out of your way and yet available at a moments notice. I'm still experimenting with the design but these have been so well received I'm sure to make more.

This one features a hollow ground 440C blade and carbon fiber/G-10 laminate handles and the whole thing was sand blasted. The sand blasting gives the 3 1/4 inch blade a military sort of appearance and makes the handle grippier. Your grip is enhanced even further by the large finger groove and the knot at the rear of the handle. The overall length of the knife is 7 3/4 inches.

The full tang handle is secured by wire pins to help keep the weight down (approx 3 oz). The knife rides comfortably in a Kydex sheath suspended by a light weight ball chain.

Ball chain was chosen because it is strong enough to hold as the knife is pulled from the sheath but it will break before you can be strangled with it. Seemed like a good idea.

Neck Knife - Style 1434

Another example of neck knife, this time with a small design change - two finger grooves instead of one. Generally, my market research said one groove is more practical but - different strokes for different folks.

This knife features green canvas phenolic handle slabs and a sand blasted finish. All other dimensions are as described for the previous knife.

Suspender Knife

This is a smaller knife with a 2" blade and an OAL just under 5". I call it a Suspender Knife because it can be carried behind one of your suspender straps (if you're cool enough to wear suspenders like me). Of course, it also works well as a neck knife or even carried in a pocket. A kydex sheath is provided for your choice of carry....

Carcalito Neck Knife

Carcara is the name of a South American eagle that has a reputation for coming out on top of any fight it gets in to, so Carcalito is a sort of unofficial term for this little eagle.

The Carcalito has an overall length of 8 inches. The 3 1/2 inch BG-42 blade is hollow ground to within about an inch of the tip and from there it is flat ground which gives a bit more strength to the most delicate part of the blade without reducing it's ability to pierce a target.

The canvas Micarta(R) handle has an oval cross section so the blade can be indexed by feel. Holes in the handle work with the handle's contour to provide a very secure grip. The conical shaped pommel is very helpful when withdrawing the knife from a target and can also serve as a non-lethal striking tool. Red fiber liners complement the flat gray of the sandblasted blade and handle.

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