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Most people don't know that with all the security issues and crowding etc that goes with the Olympics in Utah, that some of the lesser known events have been off loaded to satellite areas (That's marketing speak for 'sent to the boonies'). We are very proud that Wauconda was chosen to host the Plastic Toboggan races.

Due to lack of funding (and lack of interest) there is only one entry this year, Mr. Börn Luzer from somewhere in Scandinavia. This is Börn's 12th try for first place and, at age 53, many feel it may be his last year of competition. There are no Gold, Silver, or Bronze medals for this event. First place will receive the coveted Pewter Medal and second place will get the 'also ran' Lead Medal. Börn has collected a lot of lead over the years and carries most of it in his hip pockets for ballast.

The famous Scandinavian tobaggonist Börn Luzer gives us a confident thumbs up before starting the treacherous 'Driveway Run'

To make things more challenging, a pack of hungry wolves has been released near the track

Börn must not have seen that tree half way down the track. Judges add 4 points for 'air'

Almost to the creek. Judges add 3 points for penetration.

A second failure to make it into the creek. Judges subtract 5 points for not penetrating the bramble trap

Apparently, the wolves were in the creek. Rescue workers recover Luzer's body before any real damage was done. He's OK!

As hard to believe as it may seem, the judges only awarded Börn another second place Lead Medal for his stellar performance - even though he was the only competitor!

Börn is a never say die kind of guy and he says he will return to fulfill his dream of riding a Plastic Toboggan all the way down the driveway and into the creek because, as he says, "I come from a long line of Luzers and we never learn!"

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