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Selecting one of the options below will get you some thumb nail pictures of a few of the knives I've made. Clicking on the thumbnail will get you a larger pictures and a descriptions of several knives of that model.

The pictures will change from time to time as I make more knives and get better pictures so please check back.

A quick word about my style numbers which you will see listed with the pictures. These are not model numbers! The model is a name like Warlock or Cherokee Chef. The style number is descriptive of how the knife is designed and constructed - sort of a list of options and therefore can apply to more than one model. Right now, it looks like this:

Blade DesignBlade GrindBlade ThicknessHandle TypeLock Type(Folders)
1 - Drop point1 - Flat1 - thin 1/16"1 - slab handle, single material (folder)1 - Liner Lock
2 - Clip point2 - Sabre2 - thin 3/32"2 - bolsters plus handle slab (folder)2 - Frame Lock
3 - Trailing point3 - Chisel3 - 1/8" thick3 - stub tang fixed blade
4 - Tanto4 - Hollow4 - 3/16" thick4 - full tang fixed blade
5 - Wharncliffe 5 - 1/4" thick5 - stick tang fixed blade
6 - Spear 6 - Custom6 - integral bolsters (folder)
7 - Cleaver  7 - Slab handle w/surface scales(Folders)
8 - Razor  8 - Three Fingered Handle (kitchen knives)

Pictures of Folding Knives

Pictures of Kitchen Knives

Pictures of Sporting/Misc Knives

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