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The Rayzor 7V

This is a specialty knife and not really a shaving razor as it appears to be. I've shown it next to my grandfathers standard size shaving razor only to give you some idea of the size of this knife. It is made almost exactly the same way as a shaving razor but it is much larger, much stronger, and a good deal heavier.

The cutting edge is 4" long, the handle is 7" long and made from fiberglass. The maximum OAL of the knife is about 12" when open and about 8.25" when closed. The knife weighs 4.7 ounces. The blade is S30V stainless and is about 1" wide.

As you can see, the 7V is articulated just like a shaving razor...

Shown here in my hand (which is fairly large) for scale...

Here's a 7V done in Black G-10 ....

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