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Knife Repairs on Knives I Did Not Make

I will sometimes work on knives I did not make. These are normally factory knives or very old knives that have some sentimental value to the owner. They don't have to be fancy or expensive knives as long as you feel it's worth my price to have the work done. I've worked on a $5 bread knife, rusty old knives and forks, and brand new knives that were almost, but not quite, what the owner wanted.

What I Will Do

Most often, I am asked to replace a broken or unattractive plastic handle with a fancy wood handle like I use on my own knives. If the knife is old and has a patina, I will try to maintain the patina if possible. In most cases, I can match a patina moderately well if some steel has to be removed. If you want me too, I can remove rust and pitting and make the blade look new again. I will work on knives, forks, and some folders. If necessary, I can make a new sheath and even copy the original if desired.

What I Will NOT Do

I do not work on collectable knives. I make no attempt at restoring a knife to 'authentic' original condition. Whatever I do to the knife will be more attractive and/or function better than the original but it likely will not be the same as the original. I will work on folders but for many types of folders that work will be very limited. I do not rebuild rusty old locked up folders.

If you have a knife, fork or other similar item that needs some sprucing up, drop me a line and we'll discuss it. I'll either agree to do it or I won't, no harm in asking.


Here are a few pictures of some pretty cool old forks that I have rebuilt:

A 'before' picture...

The 'after' picture...

A stone spacer for this Sabatier...

You can use the following methods to contact me for questions related to knife repair.


Sometimes I have trouble with my email server. If you don't get a response within 24 hrs, try:

I don't check this one very often but if all else fails, try:

Snail Mail:
Ray Rogers
P.O. Box 126
Wauconda, WA 98859

If you prefer to talk in person, send me an email first and let me know. I'll be happy to send you my phone number.

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