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The Smithy, Summer of 2006

Now that the new forging press is here, and winter is past, I'm preparing to get serious about making damascus. Two new sections have been added to my ramshackle smithy. One section, on the left, covers a work bench and vises. The section on the right covers a chop saw and a band saw.

As before, my anvil, hammers, and tongs occupy the back of the smithy.

This is the work bench. Most of my metal, powders, and rebar for handles is stored here.

The new forge is right at home. It has had some minor modifications made but it is essentially the same as described on my forge building pages.

There would be no point to any of ths without the forging press. You have already seen the story of the forging press so I won't go into the details here but I have built a rack to hold the dies. Currently, I have 8 pairs of dies and a hot cut die. The rack is built to hold 11 pairs so I have room to grow...

The Rigid pipe vise and my home made twisting tool are still here, as well as a heavy leather apron.

Everyone has some sort of vices and these are some of mine. Vises are a vice of mine :) I call these three my welding vises. They are used in assembling billets. There is a 4", a 5", and a 6" vise wth the 4" mounted vertically. You don't need this many vises but I have them so I'll put the to use. Altogether, I currently own 12 vises that I can think of, not counting the two built into the band saw and the chop saw...

A 14" chop saw is a real time saver!

This is a 7"x12" band saw with built in lubrication and hydraulic down feed. I LOVE this thing!

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