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The Surface Grinder

This is the newest piece of large equipment in my shop and I waited a long time to get it. But, it was worth the wait because now I can get that little bit of extra smoothness in the action of my folders that was sometimes so elusive in the past. Even better, I can get that smoothness more easily and more consistantly than ever before.

The purpose of the surface grinder is to grind a piece of metal (in this case, a blade) so that the ground surfaces are smooth, flat, and parallel.

When I started making damascus I decided to use the surface grinder to clean up the billets. Converting to a 2x72" belt instead of a stone wheel made this job go much faster and easier. This belt system was built by John LeBlanc and purchased through K&G Finishing. I find it to be just as accurate as the stone wheels but it gets the job done faster and it seems a lot safer too!

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