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Throwing Knife

Not your average throwing knife. This knife is intended for target throwing rather than hunting. It has many of the characteristics of a conventional hunting style knife which we are generally told not to throw for fear of breakage. It also has the necessary characteristics of a throwing knife to make it easy to throw and to keep it from breaking. It is a real knife with a real blade and not just a pointed piece of mild steel like many throwing knives.

The 7" blade is made from 3/16ths O1 tool steel that has been differentially heat treated to give it a hard edge and a soft back. The tip is thicker than you would find on an average hunting knife and the blade is not as thinly ground. The back of the blade is completely rounded to make it more comfortable when throwing by the blade.

The simple throwing knife style handle is made of two slabs of canvas Micarta(R) attached to the full tang by Loveless bolts. The Loveless bolts are reinforced by two hardened steel pins that have been pressed into the tang and extend all the way through the slabs so even if you hit the handle it should not be able to move or come loose. The tang extends slightly beyond the slabs to protect them from a butt first strike.

This is a hefty knife weighing about 12 ozs and it hits the target with a lot of authority when thrown hard...

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