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What Kind of Knives I Make

Most knife makers eventually settle on a few particular patterns or styles they like and I may reach that level of refinement someday. For now, I'll try just about anything. Lately, I've been making a lot of folders that range from small pocket knives, to medium size light folders with pocket clips, to heavy folders with belt sheaths.

Hunting knives, fillet knives, and kitchen knives are much easier to make than folders. The hunting knives I make are usually of full tang or through tang design. These knives and the folders are provided with 6 - 7 oz leather sheaths that have been treated with an oil and wax compound of my own concoction.

Where I live the fishermen tend to catch very large fish so they ask for large fillet knives. My 11 inch Salmon model seemed to satisfy them. For these knives, I make Kydex sheaths.

Most of the other knives I make are kitchen knives and there must be no end to the variations on those! Not everybody needs a combat, hunting, fillet, or belt knife but everybody uses kitchen knives. Some people get downright persnickety about how a kitchen knife should be made, too. Chef's and paring knives are very popular but there are also Chinese cleavers, carving knives, fruit knives, bread knives, and even a cheese knife!

All of the types of knives I have ever made have been done in a reasonable variety of finish and flash. I like to make pretty knives but all are usable knives, not just show pieces.

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