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My Home in the Winter

Here are some pictures of my home in the winter. The winter was fairly mild but will be about 7 months long. The first snow fall was in October and the snow will likely be in my front yard until late April. Temperatures ranged from a daily average of about 20 to highs of 35 and a low of -2. My shop stays at a steady 35 degrees.

On rare occasion, it may get a little colder

The view from the front door of my shop. You can barely see my mountain through the fog in the background.

The cabin and the valley wall behind it.

The shop looks small in this picture but remember that you are looking at two 40 foot long containers.

The shop and the cabin.

The creek is still running under the ice.

Some pretty big icicles.

A full winter moon.

A view down the valley from pretty high up. In the center foreground you can see the snowmobile that got me up here. I climbed as far as I could through 2 feet of snow to get this shot but still wasn't at the top.

Depending on where you live you may think that it looks pretty harsh here but I really like it. Two cords of wood is about all I used for heat this winter. The only real problem I had was not being able to drive my truck to the house after the driveway iced over. The driveway is very steep and about 100 yards long so my truck had to sit on the bridge for a couple of months.

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